Foot Worship

The feet are an area of the body that is not generally associated with sex and many people have an aversion to feet. However, for some people, the feet are sacred and play a central role in sexual excitement and fulfillment. Foot worship is more common than many people realize and the practice of worshipping the feet has a long history.

History of Foot Worship

Foot worship is rooted in feelings of superiority or higher rankings in society. Throughout history, slaves or conquered people would be forced to bow before the feet of their master or those who had conquered their lands. Common expressions, such as kissing your feet or worshipping the ground you walk on came from this ancient practice.

Although the idea of worshipping another’s feet initially had nothing to do with sex, the practice of worshipping at the feet of another person became a common practice and fetish in modern history. In foot worship, the person who is subordinate or submissive generally shows adoration for the dominant person in the relationship

What is Foot Worship?

In foot worship, the feet and things associated with feet are objects of interest and desire. These items include shoes, socks, toe rings, embellishments for the toe nails, and sexy high heels are considered enticing and sacred to people with a foot fetish. Even when the object of affection, and their feet, is not present, shoes and other objects can be the focus of the fetish.

The nature of foot worship varies, depending on the specific preferences of the individual. The act of foot worship is erotic and sexually desirable. Acts include licking, sucking on or kissing the toes and feet. In general, the partner performing these acts is submissive to the person having their toes sucked. There is usually a dominant/submissive relationship in other areas of sexual interaction.

What’s the Attraction?

Foot worship and foot fetishes are quite common and women are often surprised to learn their man has an affinity for foot worship. Some men are not forthcoming with the women in their lives about foot fetishes, since they may feel ashamed or fear embarrassment. For these men, engaging in foot worship has a level of pleasure and intimacy that is equal to intercourse. The act of massaging the feet and ankles, licking and sucking toes is as exciting as other sex acts.

Foot worship has appeal for men from all walks of life, including those who are subordinate and submissive in general, as well as more powerful men. In some cases, the person has a feeling of unworthiness and tends to allow others to trample them in relationships and business. For other men, they may have power in business and enjoy taking a BDSM role in the bedroom as a release for the stress of their position in life or work.

Fulfilling Desires and Fantasies Involving Foot Worship

From time to time, stories appear in the news about a person with a foot fetish licking women’s feet in public or stealing shoes from an object of affection. People with a foot fetish can satisfy their desires in a variety of ways. Some work up the courage to discuss their desires and include their life partner as the object of worship, while others meet people online, at a bar, or find escorts in online listings, such as those on

Betting danger

How to stop gambling? This question is certainly the most important one when it comes to gambling, making predictions on sports events and all the other similar things. Anyone who bets before starting should ask himself this question and and he or she must be 100% sure that he can find the answer at any time. If you lose the reality, if you lose the measure how much you can gamble, then it becomes scary for you and for your family.

So how can we stop betting? Well, in this post you won’t find a variety of professional services of psychologists and the like. You won’t find ads promising results. I will simply try to explain my view about the topic.

I have constantly been betting since 1994. For me it is just a hobby and passion. I hope that never becomes an obsession. I haven’t had any big successes in betting so far and betting dangerthe only thing which pleases me is the fact that since 2007 I haven’t spent more money for betting than for going to the cinema for example. And I have to say I don’t go very often to the movies.

How can I stop betting if I have to? I know that my main motive is competition. I want to prove I am better than the others. I personally don’t believe that I can make money from betting because either it is impossible or it is beyond me. I’ve heard stories about people who have won big money from betting, but I have also seen people who have won much but overall they ended with much heavier loses. I’m sure someone somewhere is talking about these people and is praising their success.

For me, the salvation from betting is in games simulating real betting. If one day I decide to stop betting, I will sign up in games like this and I will play against other bettors. Not for the money of course, but to prove what I can. To be able to say I was better than you, I know that game better than you, my strategy is better than yours.

I hope I will never get there. I hope not to lose from betting anymore, but we will see.

Can you stop betting?

Sometimes or we should say too often the punters fall into a very serious series of consecutive unsuccessful bets. It happens to everyone who deals with betting and everyone has experienced the worst feeling to lose bet after bet, but you continue to gamble at least for the thrill of success or perhaps because you believe the bad series would end this time.

If you read the comments about this topic in any betting forum or blog you would see that the only recommendation for such cases is to stop betting and rest for a month or two. When this period is over you start again with fresh head and try to deal with the bookmakers. But to stop betting proved to be more stop bettingdifficult than it sounds at first glance. The desire to prove that you’re capable and you are better than the others is just incredibly powerful. Especially since you have obviously failed in the last few bets.

I am going to talk about a good solution to this problem. It is precisely to deal with the problem of desire to win and the wish to prove yourself in betting. The solution is to replace the real betting with joining some of the numerous tipster competitions which can be found in various sites.

Such events can help the players satisfy their desire to compete and demonstrate their betting qualities. More importantly this could be done for free as you don’t risk any money. Moreover, the winners even earn small amounts in free bets from the biggest bookmakers, so this is another good reason to try it.

How does it work? Just type in a search engine tipster competitions and take a look at the results. Then choose some of them, check the rules and if they suit you just join them.

Participate in games like these every time you have a severe series of real gambling. This way you can completely painlessly stop betting. You will not lose money, but ultimately you won’t lose your shape because you will continue to bet, but free of risk.

If you want to know more about this topic you can see the video below.

Molde vs Valerenga – Molde to win with 1 goal

Molde Football Club have changed completely since the coaching position was given to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The former Manchester United striker who won numerous awards with the Red devils and scored the decisive goal for the winning of the Champions League in 1999 certainly knows what to do as a player and as a coach too. He brought Molde to the title last year and today the champions are more than OK.

Molde is currently second in the Norwegian Championship betting pickswith just one point behind the first Stromgodset. The team is in good shape and in its last five games has three wins, a draw and a loss.

Valerenga have also performed well recently. They have two wins, two losses and a draw in their last five matches. In the overall ranking, however, Valerenga is exactly where they have been for the last decade – in the middle of the table.

Only four rounds before that the two teams met in Oslo and Molde took a 2-1 victory after a late goal in the 87th minute. Today they again are the favorites for the three points, with bookmakers offering them only 1.55 odds for winning.

In fact, this coefficient is explicable because since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer became a coach Molde has recorded three wins from three matches against Valerenga. Furthermore, the shape of the champions is very good as they scored at least one goal in each of the last 5 games.

All these data described above give me a reason to bet for the fourth consecutive victory for Molde over Valerenga. Curiously, all three victories for the champions against the team from Oslo were with exactly the same result 2-1 or in other words with a goal difference. Since the odds for Molde’s victory are not as good as I want I will try a more unusual bet. Molde to win by 1 goal is my prediction. This brings me odds of 4, which seems a sufficiently profitable bet on I am going to bet some pounds on.

Take a look on the video below where you will find more info about Molde players.